Thursday, July 15, 2010

miss cheer. miss everything. omg

Monday, June 28, 2010

how to start ? smile in the routine. is that me? keep smiling like a freak.. IS REALLY ME? i wanna do the best like last time... at least wont like now. i am feeling very helpless.. everytime hear this song i cry like hell. i dont know the YOU represent who, but it stands for a lots ppl. LOTS. everything i do i lose my heart and soul..worth?
not at alll. but it seem like impossible for me to turn back . simple like a kid. impossible, things had happen, i just cant left it. move on is the way.
dont know post this for what

Sunday, June 27, 2010


girl always emotional. i hate myself so much... i got a lot things in my deepest heart, but i dont know how to express out, it just helpless, ppl around me are worrying, but i hope i can get well soon. soul sick so much. pls get well! i know, but i am still down. i try to smile everyday , yet i will cry during midnight... even i am crying now for no reasons.
what happen
too many decision or too much ppl keep coming around, i cnt stand on it .
no boys pls no cash no appearance and wonder what am i.
I think i turning back to 2009 november. alone. pls leave me alone.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I had a happy holidays. Training with Titans, and eurica is visiting me every morning. well, sorry, today i didnt accompany u lots cus ur drama is attracting me a lots.
TITANS, whenever i got any unhappy thingy or not in mood, i will think of u , the spirit of us let me get away from the fear. thanks. I never forget those spirit, we yell for break , yell for home. Train ourselves until late 2.30 to get our pity lunch, we been thru everything, thx TITANS, u give me such spirits. and thx peikee, thx eurica, yew zai , yuksun, and amanda, for giving me confidence...

 And i found this randomly